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Things I’ve done

Anna Brown Massey is a Graduate Fellow at the Ohio State University where she is pursuing her MFA in dance with research in intermedia performance, community arts development, and pedagogical practice. She choreographed, performed, and taught in New York City for a decade, and has received grants from the Times Square Alliance, the Brooklyn Arts Council, The Work Office, NTHCCC, and the Ohio State University. Anna is Co-Director of both NACHMO and The Moves Project.

Anna’s projects are marked by collaborative practices and highlight themes of agency and authorship. Her teaching emphasizes improvisational-compositional strategies and attention to musical detail–qualities revealed in her award-winning film and concert work. In addition to communicating in barefeet, Anna is a Cape Breton Step dancer and a Scottish Highland dancer.

Things I do
I am a choreographer, and

I am a writer, and
I am a teacher, and

I am an artist who designs live events. My documentation lives online.

My work is formed by the material in the room. I design things for performers and audiences fashioned by our shared space. These pieces reveal collective knowledge about power, meaning, and consciousness.

I work intimately with sound, and I frequently enlist text and images in product and process.

My research manifests in outside installations, multi-media immersions, and dances on stages that investigate the physical body as an empathetic vessel.

Threaded throughout my work is an investigation into the ethical systems embedded in art-making. I am interested in the politics of process and performance.

In 2016
I was granted a solo artist residency at Marble House Quarry, won gala selection at ACDA Eastern-Central for my quartet Training Ground, was granted sponsored research hours by the Advanced Computing Center for Art and Design, undertook an Implicit Bias training for Graduate Teaching Fellows by the Kirwan Institute, was selected as the Graduate Representative on the Dance Graduate Studies Committee, was commissioned by the Area Choreographers Festival in Cincinnati, was invited to choreograph for the OhioDance Festival, was hired as a Graduate Facilitator to teach teaching to graduate students, and awarded by the Chair’s Discretionary Fund to present at a national conference.

I am working in equal collaboration with a poet and a visual artist towards a final installation April 18, 2016. The three of us are building a performance piece that addresses control over the female body, employing found poetry, paper messages, and 100 feet of rope.

I am concurrently developing a new work to be presented February 2017 in the OSU Motion Lab with the dramaturgical support of Lyndsey Vader, and the mentorship of Bebe Miller, Oded Huberman, and Norah Zuniga-Shaw,

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