I don’t love all my pieces. I love this piece.

This one,
performing it first, and now only
viewing its never-as-good-as-live-because-this-was-designed-to-be-live footage, I am still      caught by a quality of time that makes me squint my eyes meanly and tear into chunk of meat while telling someone softly that I love them.

I choreographed Remains for | Leafing | in June 2014, the finale concert I designed before departing Brooklyn for Columbus. Morgelyn Tenbeth-Ward and Emily Craver participated fully in a process that drew from earlier incarnations created in NACHMO’s January 2014 challenge and my work with Erin Cairns Cella and Tenbeth-Ward in the fall of 2013. James Shipp contributed a marvelous score through synthesizer and vibraphone through my direction.

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