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RESEARCH Proposal to myself, Norah Zuniga-Shaw and my colleagues on January 15, 2015
TITLES: “Vibes” / “Hot” / “my piece about femaleness on stage” / “Jess’s piece” / “my Norah work”

What you will see, live, is the performance result of investigating “performance” of the female body that will likely include film, live amplification of body, movement, voice, maybe live feed, (have I mentioned the word live?) in addition to sound design, lights, you know. Theater things. What you will see documented, for the internet, on a vimeo video will be defined by the performer (her identity/agency/economics), economics (self-promotion), and community (sharing).

My in-performance goal implicates audience through a feedback loop of reflection on attitudes about the female person on the theater stage and o u t s i d e . If my piece is about exploitation of the female performer, how through this process of making a piece about exploitation may I examine and mitigate exploitation. Looking towards the relationship of solo work to autobiography to agency to corruption of identity.

My creative research will lead to a produced thing, a designed performance to be presented first on April 6th in the Barnett Theater, a proscenium space, and on April 29th in the Ohio State University ACCAD Motion Lab. The performer is white, female, in her 20s, a dancer.

Tech tools: (Software) • Adobe Premier Pro cc2014 • Isadora (possibly) • Logic
(Hardware) • Videocameras • Projectors • Mini-projector (available outside of ACCAD?) • Mics, speakers • Table • Chairs • Bowls

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