Graduate school drew me for two reasons: 1. To do the things I was already doing, but better. 2. To do new things.

Though I was doing the thing called art-making, which required the thing called business-building, it took me many years to recognize all the biz skills I was (required to be) honing by nature of making art. One of the many skills I learned on the fly was flyers –both for paper and digital distribution. 2D image making was never a part of my dance education, yet as a choreographer I’ve been making flyers for years through analog overlaying of paper in copy machines and through digital work in Preview, Microsoft Word, and iPhoto.

To my delight, last week I laid aside the autodidact requirements of the last number of years and happily received an actual lesson in Photoshop via our Graduate Seminar course established exclusively for first-years. Here is my first lil’ postcard. May I only get better.



  1. David

    Photoshop is the best! And intimidating. Having learned it and then lost it, I recommend using it every so often (even just for fun) to remind yourself of how it works. I was pretty comfortable with it, but now struggle to get what I want when I’ve tried recently.

  2. Barbara Brown

    Photoshop! Sounds like one of many useful tools for your art- and business-making. In your dance career, I’ve watched you dance, create dance, , create sets and buy costumes, find and direct (and pay!) musicians, design publicity, budget, assess studios, practice, network as well as make allies and comrades. It’s complex, but it’s to create a powerful, uplifting, energizing, saddening or many other things for your audience, and, I imagine, the dancers and producers. You develop and create all this in order to be fully yourself.

    I enjoy the 3 Annas in your flyer. They made me think about renaming the presumed-dance-program “All About Anna,” instead of “Judge Me.”

    For someone of my age and background, I look at your costume and imagine that the performance could be along the theme of “workers of the world,” as you are in the classically sturdy blue clothes of the working class.

  3. Haggai

    it’s interesting to see how we are all becoming renaissance people. independent artists these days are put in a position where we have to have a huge verity of skills just to put our work out there. a musician/dancer has to be a graphic designer, and even better, a videographer and a vide editor if they want their work to get more attention in this digital world. FB, instagram, tumbler and such, control the internet with images while youtube and such do it with videos. in many ways, the way you are represented on these sites is the way your work exists in the public eye.
    PS – great flyer, i love the outfit 😉

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